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Links are provided Below to every page on each of the Are Fun Web Sites

This is the Web Site Home Page

The Robots Are Fun site provides an overview of Robots and issues surrounding them.

What to get, how to and setup information is provided for various Robots and Rovers. Web Site

The Drones Are Fun site provides an overview of drones and issues surrounding them.

What to get, how to and setup information is provided for airplane UAVs.

Control And Navigation (On the Web Site)

Modern UAVs Feature Advanced Electronics and Computer Control Systems.

Stability Control, GPS, Position Hold and Autonomous Mission Programming. Web Site

The Quadcopters Are Fun site covers the increasingly popular Quadcopter.

They are easy to fly in small spaces and are great for photography.

If you are new to this a Quadcopter is the way to start: Go to the Drone of Your Own Link above Web Site

PhotoQuad is a complete, easy to use, aerial photographic and video aquisition system.

Concept, design, setup, flight instruction and photo and video operation are covered. Web Site

The Multicopters Are Fun site provides coverage of copters other than Quadcopters.

There are many types of multicopter, each having its own strong points. Web Site

The CNC is Fun site provides an overview of Personal CNC machines and their Use.

How to build, What to get, setup, programming and how to use information is provided.

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